In Banff, Alberta Canada

Alberta, Canada. My reviews put luggage through strenuous journeys to the top of mountains. Ok ok. I’m not actually that hardcore.

Hi. My name is Andy.

Along with telling Chuck Norris jokes and climbing mountains, I love to travel. And luggage is probably the biggest essential for travel. Well, besides those little baby toothpaste tubes.

But what I don’t love is crummy luggage. You’ve had it before. Seams ripping, handles snapping, fabric staining, wheels wobbling. A routine business trip or relaxing vacation can quickly become irritating as you tote around an uncooperative piece of luggage. Let’s not even talk about that time the zipper broke and my batman boxers fell out.

The thing with luggage is that not many people really take time to review it. Unlike the latest Bieber album or a local restaurant, it’s just not something that gets a lot of love. And I guess I understand it. I mean, talking about your experience pulling around a suitcase is just not as cool as complaining about how little guacamole was put on your taco.

That reminds me. One minute please while I go leave a scathing review on iTunes about Bieber’s latest single.

So as I spent hours researching which brand and model would be best, I decided I might as well share what I’ve learned and save others the time. Because it takes long enough to decide whether you should get the green or blue suitcase, let alone which brand and style.

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