Hello fellow globetrotters!

Welcome to the first official post for Life in a Bag, a truly unique travel blog that follows my ventures all over the world. From road tripping around the United States to backpacking overseas, I’m excited to share my experiences and give you some insight on the areas you might explore in the future. So, let’s start by telling you a bit about myself.

A Little Bit About Me

As a former cubicle dweller turned freelance writer, my decision to break free and leave the corporate life behind for good has given me ample time to focus on traveling. My adventurous spirit led me all over Europe and the United States in my twenties, but now that I can take my work on the road with me there’s truly nothing stopping me from going on my next journey. Based in Long Island New York, I’ve been a professional writer for several years now. My work has been published all over the internet but partnering with Luggage Portal to start this travel blog is a project I’m thrilled to begin, mostly because it’s an excuse to write off some of my travel expenses.

As a dedicated dog mom, my adorable yet undeniably spoiled rescue Chelsea accompanies me on most of my trips. Adopted just a little over a year ago, she and I have quickly become attached at the hip. Chelsea might not enjoy her trips in the car, but she loves to investigate a new city even more than I do.

What Makes This Travel Blog Unique

My love for spontaneity and lack of planning makes the experiences I have one of a kind. You will rarely read about a city’s general tourist spots and tours on Life in a Bag because I certainly won’t be partaking in them. When I travel to a new place, I like to connect with the locals and learn what it’s like to live there and to be a member of their community. I wander the city streets for hours until I stumble upon the hidden gems that no tourist book or blog would have directed me to, whether it be a bar, a concert venue, a market, a novelty store, or an exceptional slice of nature. I never know what or who I’ll come across!

Where I’m Going

Another factor that makes this blog different from the rest is the fact that most of my trips are last minute and unplanned. There’s no telling where I’ll be next month! My career gives me the independence to wake up in the morning and drive four states over if I feel inclined to, or even across the country if the west coast is calling my name. It may seem a bit over-ambitious, but there isn’t a country or state that I don’t plan on setting foot in so my choices are fairly limitless.

Topics I’ll Be Writing About

Aside from sharing with you my experiences and some of my favorite spots, I’ll also be writing about traveling on a budget, packing light, must-have gadgets, finding accommodations, the best ways to visit new cities with a dog in tote, and so much more.

I look forward to having you on this journey with me, stay tuned!