Chrome Metro Messenger Bag Review


Review Grade: A

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Chrome Mini Metro Messenger Bag is an ideal minimalist bag for all-seasons. For days when you don’t have much to carry it’s the perfect ride along companion, for bikers, boarders or whatever mode of transportation.

Rather than a bulky messenger bag that slips and slide around this lightweight crossbody bag fits safe and securely.

But what about it’s interior features and everyday functionality? Read our in depth review on the Chrome Mini Metro Messenger Bag to learn more.



  • Case: Weatherproof Military-grade Nylon
  • Weight: 2.39 lbs
  • All Sizes Available:Width 20″, Height 12″, Depth 7″, Volume 20.5L


  • Durable high-quality material
  • Weatherproof
  • Comfortable strong straps
  • Cross-body style



The Chrome Mini Metro Messenger is smaller bag that’s easier to carry and maneuver. This bag is easy to clean and has a independently suspended weatherproof tarp liner that protects seams from being exposed to the outside elements. Crafted from abrasion resistant 1050 denier nylon it can stand up to whatever mother nature throws at you.

The seatbelt webbing strap with EVA shoulder padding is comfortable across the body. Chrome offers shoulder strap options to accommodate both left and right handed wearers. The seatbelt release on shoulder strap is also a handy bottle opener. 

It’s also conveniently equipped with daisy-chain mounting loops for attaching carabineer clips or bike lights. Reflective straps are also in place for night visibility.


On the inside the Chrome Mini Metro Messenger Bag is not super spacious, but appropriate for the daily necessities. It can hold a wallet, keys, cell phone and other small electronics, as well as a change of clothes and/or a few books.

A few organizational pockets on front are good for smaller items you want to keep separate. The bag accommodates up to a 15 in. laptop, but does not have an integrated laptop sleeve. If you regularly carry a laptop, we’d recommend purchasing a separate laptop sleeve.

This is a true messenger bag, simple and uncomplicated. It’s not equipped with a lot of pockets or compartments, but it does it’s job.


There are 3 main features that make the Chrome Mini Messenger Bag a very study companion. First, it’s outer shell is crafted from weatherproof 1050d military-grade nylon making extra durable and safe from the elements.

Secondly, the independently suspended, military-grade 18oz truck-tarpaulin liner makes the inside water proof. That means if something is leaking in our bag it won’t leak out. It also makes tares a lot less frequent.

Lastly the commercial-grade, five-bar seatbelt webbing and nylon 69 thread strap is not gonna go breaking on you. For all these reasons this messenger bag has a good reputation for longevity.


You can snag the Chrome Mini Metro Messenger Bag on Amazon for around $120 bucks depending on the sale. It’s a little pricey. However, there are not many bags quite like this one, so it may just be worth the price.

It is very durable and it’s functionality make it practical for everyday use. This messenger bag will likely hold up for years. 

Summary | Chrome Metro Messenger Bag


  • Durable material
  • Sturdy comfortable strap
  • Practical for everyday
  • Weatherproof


  • No integrated laptop sleeve


This is a true messenger bag, simple and uncomplicated. It’s not equipped with a lot of pockets or compartments, but it’s functional nonetheless. If you lead a minimalist lifestyle it’s the perfect ride along companion for years of use.

If you regularly carry a laptop, we’d recommend purchasing a separate laptop sleeve, as this messenger bag does not come equipped with one. In the end the Chrome Mini Metro Messenger Bag is a high quality durable bag you can pick up easily on Amazon. It’s not for everyone, but a great bag for the right user.

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