Delsey Paris Alexis Luggage Review


Review Grade: A

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Recognized around the world since 1946 for smart details and world-class innovations, Delsey products are carried by people in over 110 countries. Thoughtfully designed with a French flair their pieces are gorgeous looking, durable and user friendly. So meet the Delsey Paris Alexis suitcase.

This collection combines style and durability in a suitcase that features double spinner wheels for easy mobility, expands to maximize packing, and is finished with a scratch resistant textured exterior.

Read on to learn more about the Delsey Paris Alexis 3-Piece set, available on Amazon. 



  • Case: Hardside (hardcase) 100% Polycarbonate
  • Wheels: Spinner (4 wheels multi-directional)
  • Color Options: Navy, Burgundy, Black/Rose Gold, Platinum/Rose Gold
  • Size/Weight: 29″ (12.5 lbs), 25″ (10.2 lbs), 21″ (8.4 lbs)


  • Three piece set
  • Interlocking zippers
  • Roomy with expandable option
  • Stylish and beautiful appearance



Made from durable ABS material the Delsey Paris Alexis 3-Piece set is built for long lasting use. It’s easy to clean and sanitize and liquid rolls right off so you don’t have to worry about any water damage.

The suitcase’s outer shell has a unique texture that makes it scratch-resistant. The texture also gives it a modern fresh look. You can have the peace of mind knowing the contents of your luggage will be safe when you use the interlocking zippers. They lock into place with a 3 digit combination lock.

The superior double wheels are smooth gliding for exceptional maneuverability, so you’re luggage can keep up with you. A sturdy telescopic aluminium handle fits nicely in the hand and is adjustable to different heights. Top and side carry handles are also added to provide comfort when lifting a fully packed case.

Color Options

The Delsey Paris Alexis 3-Piece set comes in 4 versatile classy colors: Navy/Silver, Burgundy/Silver, Black/Rose Gold, Platinum/Rose Gold.

Each color is gender neutral and appropriate for business use.


The Delsey Paris Alexis 3-Piece set has all the space you need for an extended trip or for multiple family members. The main compartment also expands maximizing space and packing flexibility.

The interior of all three sizes are equipped with tie-down straps in the main compartment to prevent clothing from shifting. The zipped mesh divider provides two full packing compartments, and allows you to organize your goods with ease.

The interior lining of the Delsey Alexis set is soft to the touch and decorated in the signature Delsey logo. Since there are few additional pockets, this is a excellent set for people who like an empty shell. It’s also an advantageous suitcase to utilize packing cubes, which is a necessity on every trip for me.

Sizes | Delsey Paris Alexis

The Delsey Paris Alexis 3-Piece set comes with 3 sizes: 29″ (12.5 lbs), 25″ (10.2 lbs), 21″ (8.4 lbs). This is ideal for an extended trip.

Each size is relatively lightweight which means more room for clothes!


The shell of this luggage is lightweight and offers exceptional resistance to impact. As with most Delsey luggage, it is built for longevity.

This case is also very easy to clean and wipe down. Minor scuffs may occur but users report they typically buff out.


The Delsey Alexis set can very easily be found on Amazon for around $270 or less, depending on what kind of sale you find. With all the user friendly staples this bag has to offer, in 4 different colors it really is a great buy.

This a very affordable price for a luggage set, especially one of Delsey quality. 

Summary | Delsey Paris Alexis


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Unique textured finish 4 colors
  • Smoothing gliding double wheels
  • Expandable for maximized packing


  • Minimal interior pockets


Beautiful, durable, professional, and at a great price.

The Delsey Paris Alexis set is a great mid-priced luggage choice which you can pick up on Amazon. The textured finish makes it scratch resistant and stands out as unique. Peace of mind is produced knowing you can lock in your valuables with a secured zipper combo lock.

It will be perfect for a variety of people for business or personal use. For short trips you can use just one piece, for extended trips or families the 3 sizes can fit plenty and expand for even more room.

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